Boynton Tuesday Night Adult Coed Kickball SU22  Kickball · Co-Ed Social

Summer 2022
Aug 23 ’22
Sep 27 ’22
Registration Dates:
Jun 13 ’22 – Jul 31 ’22 regular
Aug 1 ’22 – Aug 1 ’22 late
Minimum age:
21 years old
Age as of:
Aug 23 ’22
Team Fees
Regular $54.00 per player + $1.99 Processing Fee
Late $64.00 per player + $1.99 Processing Fee
Free Agent Fees
Regular $54.00 + $1.99 Processing Fee
Late $64.00 + $1.99 Processing Fee

City Kickball - Boynton Beach League (21+ coed league)

Tuesday Night Summer 2022 Season
Caloosa Park - Boynton Beach

Welcome to City Kickball's Boynton Beach league. This season will play 6 weeks of Adult Co-ed Kickball including a season ending single elimination tournament.

Weather line: 641-715-3900 extension 537274
Games are played on softball field #4 at Caloosa Park 

Registration Options:
Free Agent - Place me on any team.
Small Group Member - Just me and some friends who want to be kept together.
Team Player - I was invited to be on a specific team.
Team Captain - I would like to be captain and will have players sign up for my team.
** Note - If your captain hasn't started the team yet, just register as a free agent and put in the notes the team that you want to be on.

Season Calendar & Details:
See season schedule for complete listing of game times (published approximately 1 week before the start of the season.)

Official League Watering Hole:

Carolina Ale House - 365 N Congress Ave, Boynton Beach
Player Specials.....

Bucket Aluminum Miller Light, 5 for $15
Miller Draft Pint $3 or $10 Pitchers
Absolute Vodka, $5
1/2 priced Chili Nachos, Frickles & Ranched Onion Stings

Opening Night

- New captains meeting at the fields, 6:25pm.

- Player shirts handed out.

- Tournament is single elimination format.

* Round 1 is 5 innings with an accuracy kick to settle a tie.
* Round 2 is 6 innings with up to 1 extra inning of Kansas City style play followed by an accuracy kick if still tied.
* Rounds 3 (finals) is 6 innings with up to 2 extra innings of Kansas City style play (if time allows) followed by an accuracy kick if still tied.
* Note, League reserves the right to make adjustments to the format based on available field time & unexpected circumstances beyond our control.



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League Notes:

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